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36. One depends ___________ somebody for a living.


Key:on。depend on sb/sth.短语动词,意思是依赖;依靠;取决于。例如:The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring. 一年之计在于春。

Your whole future depends on these exams.你的前途全系于这些考试。

That depends;it (all) depends单独使用或用于句子开头,表示得视情况而定;取决于:I don’t know whether I’ll see her.It depends what time she gets here. 我不知道我会不会见到她。这要看她什么时候到这里。

Dependable adj可靠的;值得信赖的:The bus service is very dependable.公共汽车班次非常可靠。


37.Grasses grow tall and flourish(繁荣;兴盛;茁壮成长) then wither(凋谢;枯萎) and die only ______1____(rise)again. _____2_____wild fire may burn _____3_____yet. _____4______the spring winds they _____5_____(grow)back again.


Key:1. to rise (only后面接不定式,表示意外结果)2. A(表示种类) 3. them(代词指代,注意单复数) 4. With(伴随情况) 5. will grow(将来时态)


38.Great skill _________(seem)awkward(尴尬的;别扭的;难以处理的).


Key:seems。一般现在时表示现在发生的动作或状态,或经常性或习惯性的动作。在表示普遍真理、格言或客观事实时,也用一般现在时。如:She’s on duty today.今天她值日。A hundred flowers contend up in beauty. 百花争艳

All sorts of feelings well up(涌现) in one's heart.  百感交集

A remarkable place produces outstanding people. 地灵人杰

A still tongue makes a wise head. 智者寡言

Lookers-on see most of the game.当局者迷,旁观者清。

The name matches the reality. 名副其实

Shoot a pearl at the sparrow-the loss outweighs the gain. 明珠弹雀

When you meet someone better than yourself, turn your thoughts to his equal.见贤思齐

White clouds change into gray dogs. 白云苍狗

Time tries all things.时间检验一切。

Time passes swiftly like flowing water;youth slips away like flowing water.流年似水


39.Let him who ___________(tie系;捆;束缚)the bell on the tiger take it off-whoever started the trouble should end it.


Key:tied。一般过去时表示过去的某一段时间或时间段发生的动作或存在的状态,或表示过去经常反复发生的或习惯性的动作。一般过去时也可用在非真实条件句中。例如:The days flew past. 岁月奔逝

Later, when my friends had left and I was in bed, I dreamed I saw a Taoist priest in flowing feathery garments pass my house at Lingao.须臾客去,予亦就睡。梦一道士,羽衣翩跹,过临皋之下。—《赤壁怀古》

It’s time we went.我们该走了。

Now then, sleepyhead, it's time you went to bed. 嗨,瞌睡虫,你早该睡觉去了。

If I dyed my hair blue, everyone would laugh me.如果我把头发染成蓝色,每个人都会笑我。

The Master said, In old days, men studied for the sake of self-improvement;nowadays men study in order to impress other people.子曰:“古之学者为己,今之学者为人。”


40. It ___________(rain)and blowing hard; it's wet and windy.


Key:is raining 。现在进行时是由“助动词be的现在形式(is/am/are)加上动词的-ing形式”构成。可以表示此刻正在进行或发生的动作,也可表示现阶段正在进行的动作或发展变化的情况。例如:Who are you waiting for? 你在等谁? The days are getting longer and longer.白天变得越来越长了。The year is drawing to a close. 腊尽冬残

In the east the sky is red. The sun is rising.东方红,太阳升。



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