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41. A person of outstanding ability________through all kinds of hardships since ancient times.


Key:has gone。现在完成时由“has/have + -ed分词”构成。表示过去发生的动作或过程在说话之前已经完成,并与现在的情况有联系,对现在产生了一定的影响或后果,它所强调的是现在的情况,因此不能与表示过去的时间状语连用,但可与already、ever、never、yet、recently、since、so far、for/during /in the past/last 等不确定的时间状语连用。也可表示过去发生的动作或状态持续到现在,可能会继续下去,也可能刚刚结束。例如:

Have you not seen, sir, on the shores ofQinghai, 君不见青海头,

The bleached bones lying uncollectedsince many a year?古来白骨无人收?(兵车行)

The affair is over and the situation haschanged. 事过境迁

The moon is down and the stars haveset. 月落星沉

The plot has come to light; the secretis out. 东窗事发

You have been well, I trust, since weparted? 别来无恙

Lovers havesuffered since ancient times the sorrow of parting. 多情自古伤离别。—柳永

It seems as if a whole generation haspassed. 隔世之感

Toolong a captive in a cage, I have now come back to Nature.久在樊笼里,复得返自然。—陶渊明

Wherehas the Taoist who planted the peach-trees gone? The young Master Liu of thosedays has come again. 种桃道士知何处?前度刘郎今又来。—刘禹锡

Lastnight ,the sound of wind and rain, Flowers have fallen,I wonder how many.夜来风雨声,花落知多少。


42.It ____________(rain)heavilyfor days.


Keyhas been raining。现在完成进行时由“has/have been doing”构成。它可以表示a)动作或状态从过去某个时间开始,一直持续到说话时,并还在继续。例如:We have been talking about our holiday in October so far.至今我们一直在谈论十月份的度假。

b)表示过去的动作或状态可能刚刚停止。例如:We have just been singing 我们刚才一直在唱歌。


43.We___________(meet) againsome day.


Keywill meet 。一般将来时由助动词“will/shall+不定式”构成。shall用于第一人称主语,will用于第一、二、三人称主语。一般将来时表示将来某个时间将要发生的动作或存在的状态,也表示将来经常或反复发生的动作。例如:At whose hand will the deer die-who will win the prize? 鹿死谁手

Lay down your arms and we'll spare yourlives. 缴枪不杀

Try to carve a swan and at least you'llget a duck-aim reasonably high and you won't fall far short. 刻鹄类鹜


44.Beauty ____________(show)to thebest advantage.


Key:is shown。主动语态表示主语是动作的执行者,被动语态表示主语是动作的承受者。只有及物动词才能有被动语态。现在时被动语态由助动词“is/am/are+及物动词的过去分词”构成。例如:Time brings greatchanges to the world. 沧海桑田(主动语态)

It’s mixed but not confused. 杂而不乱(被动语态)

It's known even to women andchildren. 妇孺皆知(被动语态)

All seats are occupied; there are noempty seats. 座无虚席(被动语态)

Not a crow or sparrow is heard. 鸦雀无声(被动语态)

A pearl is left in the depths of thesea-a talent left unrecognized. 沧海遗珠(被动语态)

No one picks up what's left by thewayside. 道不拾遗(被动语态)

Something/somebody is beaten by wind andwaves. 风吹浪打(被动语态)

Thehighest towers are built up from the ground. 万丈高楼平地起。

Thereare only two powers in the world,the sword and the pen; and inthe end the former is always conquered by the latter. 世界上只有两种力量:刀和笔;而其结果,后者总是战胜前者。——拿破仑

Thesea is formed by many a river flowing into it.海纳百川,是以成海。

Good times don't last long. 好景不长 “last”作动词,意思是持续,是不及物动词,不用被动语态。


45.The happy lifewe have today __________not easily_________(win).


Key:was…won。过去时被动语态由助动词“was/were+及物动词的过去分词”构成。例如:All that was left undone is now being undertaken. 百废俱兴

XiangYu was defeated by Liu Bang in the battle of Gaixia.垓下一战,项羽败于刘邦。



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