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61. Repair the house____________ itrains.


Keybefore引导时间状语从句。如:You have to know how the trouble arose before you can deal withit. 必知乱之所自起,焉能治之。

Learn to walkbefore you run.先学走路,然后奔跑。/循序渐进。/按部就班。


62.________ a man will not seek knowledge, itwill not seek him.


KeyIf。引导条件状语从句。例如:If Heaven has feelings, Heaven too willbecome aged.  天若有情天亦老。

If a nag travels a thousand li, it'sonly through perseverance. 驽马千里,功在不舍。

If one man guards the pass, ten thousandcannot get through. 一夫当关,万夫莫开。

If you know nothing about life, what canyou know about death? 未知生,焉知死?

If you stretch out your hand you feelthe heat. 炙手可热


63. While the waters can bear the boat,they can also sink__________.


KeyIt。“it”用来指代前面提到的单数名词,或句中提到的动词不定式、动名词或从句。此处it指“the boat”。

例如:One touches gold andturns it into iron-miscorrect a piece of writing.点金成铁     此处it指“gold”.

One touches iron and turns it intogold-turn a crude essay into a literary gem.点铁成金     此处it指“iron”。

If one doesn't work hard in youth, onewill regret it in old age; laziness in youth spells regret in old age. 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。此处“it”代替前面“if”引导的从句。

One considers it a pleasure to be amongthe first to read (a poem, article, etc)or see(a play, ballet, etc)先睹为快    此处“it”代替后面的动词不定式短语“to beamong the first to read (a poem, article, etc)or see(a play, ballet, etc)”。

Even an upright official finds it hardto settle a family quarrel. 清官难断家务事。   此处“it”代替后面的动词不定式短语“to settle a family quarrel”。

One finds it a pleasure to help others.乐于助人

此处“it”代替后面的动词不定式短语“to help others”。

Tao Yuanming found it impossible to bendhis back for five pecks of rice. 陶渊明不为五斗米折腰。此处“it”代替后面的动词不定式短语“to bend his back for fivepecks of rice”。


64.If you don't compare, you're in thedark; a moment you do, you get a shock.此句有一处错误,请改过来。


Key:“a”应改为“the”。“the moment”作连词,意思是“一…就”。表达“一…就”意思的词或短语有很多,如“immediately, instantly,directly,the second, the minute, the instant, as soon as, hardlywhen, no soonerthan, scarcelywhen, on doing sthetc.”例如: Change one's mindthe moment one sees something new. 见异思迁

Forget the trap as soon as the fish iscaught. 得鱼忘筌

I told him to eat slowly directly I sawso many people were staring at him.

The screams of monkeys on either bankhad scarcely ceased(stop)echoing in my ear, when my skiff(small, lightboat)had left behind it ten thousand ranges of hills.两岸猿声啼不住,轻舟已过万重山。


65.Intellect(智力) is to the mind __________sight isto the body. -Berkeley


Keywhat.此处“what”意思是“正如;如同;犹如”。 例如:Wisdom is to the mindwhat health is to the body. 知识之于心灵,犹如健康之于身体。



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