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75. Harmony(和谐) is that matters. (表语从句)



Key:that改为what。此句“matter”是动词,意思是“要紧;有重大关系”。“what”在名词性从句中表示提到或说到的事或人。例如:Check what aperson says against what he does.察其言,观其行。(宾语从句)

Goals determine what you are going tobe.目标决定你会成为什么样的人。(宾语从句)

A man can, indeed, be said to be eagerto learn who is conscious, in the course of a day, of what he lacks and whonever forgets in the course of a month, what he has mastered.日知其所亡,月无忘其所  能可谓好学也已矣。《论语》(宾语从句)

Make what is good still better. 锦上添花(宾语从句)

What we do willingly is easy.世上无难事,只要肯登攀。(主语从句)

What's frequently heard can be repeated indetail. 耳熟能详(主语从句)

What we learn with pleasure we neverforget. 乐意学的东西绝不会忘记。(主语从句)

“what”引导感叹句,表示强调,意思是多么,真,太:What strange eyes she’s got !她的眼睛好奇怪!“what”在特殊疑问句,意思是“什么”,例如:What’s your telephone number?你的电话号码是多少?



Do not do to others what you would notlike yourself. 己所不欲,勿施于人。

Don't pass on to others what one iscalled upon to do. 当仁不让

Do what one thinks is right regardlessof others' opinions.独行其是

Each supplies what the other needs.互通有无

Each takes what he needs. 各取所需

Eat what is already prepared-enjoy thefruits of others' work. 吃现成饭

It's just what one hopes for.正中下怀

One agrees to do what one knows isbeyond one's ability or power. 勉为其难

One has gotten used to what is wrong andregard it as right. 习非成是

One has the courage to take the blamefor what one does. 敢作敢为

One reaches for what is beyond one'sgrasp-aim too high.好高骛远。

One says what one thinks .心口如一

Promote what is beneficial and abolishwhat is harmful. 兴利除弊

Tell somebody something for what it’s worth. 姑妄言之

What is taken from the people is usedfor the people. 取之于民,用之于民。

What one is doing is not one’s strong point. What one is doing hasnothing to do with one’s training. 用非所长,用非所学。

.What you hear may be false, what you see is true.耳听为虚,眼见为实。

When one’s hungry one eats what there is ; when one’s cold one wears what one has.饥不择食,寒不择衣。



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